New Weekly Poll!

Hey, guys!

 So the website is back up but not completely ready yet. I will still add the sidebar pages and all that stuff but for now, I want to talk about something else.

 I'm going to start something called the "Weekly Poll". It will basically be a fun poll about CPI (Club Penguin Island) or CP (Club Penguin). Today, if you look at the sidebar I will add a poll about some Club Penguin thing you need to vote about!

Waddle on!,

P.S. I kind of like the name Zombi lol



 Thought about it for a long time. I am coming back to Club Penguin! If you've viewed this website a long time ago then you would've known that I quitted CP. Well now that Club Penguin is closing and there is a whole new game for iOS, Android (CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND) I will be back to blogging as I did in 2014.

 I deleted all the scripts, templates EVERYTHING from this website and I will start fresh. The pages will remain until I update them. I'll even show you a list of what I'm planning to update.

  1. A new header/theme/template
  3. In depth posts
  4. Graphics ;)
  5. A new team (probably coming soon)
 This is what I plan to achieve for March 2017. I will be setting up a Discord server for this blog very soon!


P.S. Follow me on Twitter for more info!